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Bonitron Common Bus Solutions are ideal components for developing an efficient common DC bus drive system.
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VDrive systems are more commonly being configured with a common DC bus - for good reason. Common DC bus configurations create advantages including cost savings, greater efficiency, and a more versatile system design. There are multiple methods of creating common bus systems. One method is the use of a Power Supply (rectifier) that supplies DC power to all of the drives instead of individual rectifiers for each drive. Another alternative is the use of sharing or isolation diodes.

In most common DC bus applications, costs are lowered due to sharing of power among the drives.Not all drives may be motoring at the same time, which will reduce the need for excess braking, power supply, or other such components.

Common Bus BrochureWhy Common DC Bus?

Single Phase
Power Supplies

Single Phase Power Supplies allow users to power 3-Phase drives from a single phase AC source without derating the drive.

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Power Supplies

3-Phase Power Supplies can be used as the main power supply for common DC bus drive systems and are available with or without precharge.

  • 3-Phase AC input DC output to drive DC +/- connection
  • Available precharge
  • 12 or 18 pulse building blocks
  • 208 - 600VAC
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Sharing &
Isolation Diodes

Sharing and Isolation diodes allow multiple drives to utilize one Braking Transistor, Line Regen, or UPD in order to reduce component count and system cost.

  • Tie multiple drives to a common DC bus
  • Each drive powered via AC
  • Sharing or isolation diodes available
  • 208 - 480VAC
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DC Bus Capacitors
& Filters

DC Bus Capacitors are simple add-ons that provide bulk capacitance on your drive system's DC bus to reduce bus ripple and improve immunity to voltage sags. Filters limit spikes and rininging in the DC bus.

  • Simple add-on to drive DC +/-
  • Reduce bus ripple
  • Improve voltage sag immunity
  • Limit DC spikes and ringing
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Buffer Module

During normal operation, the unit charges slowly from the 24V bus, fully charging in under one minute, with a peak charge current of under 400 mA. Once charged, the unit draws no power from the 24V bus.

During an outage, the module supports the 24V bus for a period depending on the power draw and minimum acceptable voltage of your load.

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    Regenerative DC Bus
    Power Supply

    The M3645P Regnerative DC Bus Power Supply synchronizes to the frequency of the incoming power line, allowing it to automatically adapt to 50Hz or 60Hz input. Under normal conditions, the M3645P rectifies the AC line and supplies power to the load.

    • Acts as rectifier
    • Small footprint
    • Integrated filtering and surge suppression
    • 208 - 480VAC support with 50/60Hz auto select
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