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Power Quality


12 & 18 Pulse Kits

The M3713SC can be used as a building block for 12 and 18 pulse systems using standard VFD’s. These systems mitigate harmonics and other power quality issues. The M3713SC, along with a phase shifting transformer allows standard drives to meet IEEE 519 compliance.

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PMW Sine Wave Filter

The M3464 PWM Sine Wave Filter conditions the PWM output of the drive to a pure sine wave, reducing wear on the motor caused by ringing and reflected waves in the cables from high frequency switcing.

  • Increase motor life
  • Reduce electrical noise
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Line Noise Filter

The M3484 line filter is designed to be used in applications where power electronic devices experience problems from line harmonics, capacitor switching transients and DC drive notching. Typically, devices with these problems have overvoltage faults.

  • Filters without shifting the resonant frequency of the electrical system
  • Protects sensitive equipment
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