M3545 Line Regen


M3545 Regen Units rated at 6A are not ul listed.

The M3545 Series can be used in Single or 3-Phase applications.

When variable speed drive systems are braking they generate power that must be dissipated. If the excess power is not dissipated, the drive system can lose control of the process due to an overvoltage trip.

Bonitron Line Regens replace traditional braking transistor and resistor options that waste energy as heat during drive braking. Instead of dissipating braking energy as heat in a resistor, Line Regen solutions return this energy to the power grid. This reduces demand from the utility, which equates to ample energy savings.

The Bonitron Line Regen is efficient and small enough to be integrated into the drive cabinet. This eliminates excess resistor wiring and cooling costs.

If you need to power 3-Phase drives from a single phase source without derating, see the Bonitron M3712 Single Phase Power Supply.

*Note that the M3645F includes fuses and fuse holders

RoHS Compliant

  • Single or 3-Phase 208 - 480 VAC | 50Hz/60Hz
  • Status LEDs
  • 3-Phase Ratings
    • 6A - 15A Continuous
    • 9A - 22.5A for 60 Seconds
  • Single Phase Ratings
    • 2A - 5A Continuous
    • 3A - 7.5A for 60 Seconds
For applications above 15A continuous, see the M3645 Line Regen.
* XX can be AC or DC depending on which fusing option you need.
* XX can be AC or DC depending on which fusing option you need.

Bonitron Line Regen units return regenerative energy back to the AC line where it can used by equipment within the facility. This reduces the amount of power required from the utility; reducing utility costs. The formula to the right is an example for a 100HP application. Visit Bonitron.com/RegenCalculator to see your potential savings.

The calculator does not include the cost of the Line Regen itself. Contact Bonitron for pricing and to discuss your application. When comparing a Line Regen to a Resistor, consider the added cost of wiring, conduit, or cooling for a resistor. While many resistors produce enough heat that they need to be located outside, Bonitron Line Regens are 99% efficient and are designed to be integrated into the drive cabinet.

Note: This calculator is for illustration purposes. Contact Bonitron to discuss your application and savings.

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