Common DC Bus Filters

M3612EC Capacitor Bank M3612RC DC Bus Snubber M3612 Schematic

The M3612EC is a filter capacitor bank for a common DC bus drive systems. The drives can be either servo or variable frequency drives intended for use with common bus capacitors.

The M3612RC Common Bus Snubber is a high frequency filter that limits spikes and ringing in DC bus systems caused by inverter switching, supply noise, bus reactance, and other sources. Limiting these spikes protects attached drives and power supplies, preventing premature failure.

RoHS Compliant

System Voltage Model Number Max.
Capacitor Voltage
Capacitance ESR Dimensions (H x W x D) End-of-life Max Ripple Current
Capacitance Change ESR Change @300Hz 45°C @300Hz 105°C
230-240VAC M3612EC-L280-K7 450VDC 28,000 µF 3.8mΩ 20.00" x 7.12" x 10.30" -20% 100% 385 A 175 A
460-480VAC M3612EC-H070-K7 900VDC 7,000 µF 15.3mΩ 20.00" x 7.12" x 10.30" -20% 100% 200 A 90 A
Model Number Capacitor Resistor Chassis Dimensions (H x W x D)
460-480 VAC
M3612RC-H12R20C 2000VDC 12 Ω M4 12.75" x 4.00" x 9.00
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