24 VDC Buffer Module

M7009 DC Buffer Module

24VDC Buffer Module

Bonitron M7009 is a cost-effective solution for protecting your 24-volt DC bus from short-duration outages.

During normal operation, the unit charges slowly from the 24V bus, fully charging in under one minute, with a peak charge current of under 400 mA. Once charged, the unit draws no power from the 24V bus.

During an outage, the module supports the 24V bus for a period depending on the power draw and minimum acceptable voltage of your load.

RoHS Compliant

Model Number Max Operating
Capacitance Dimensions
(H" x W" x D")
Wire Gauge
M7009-249-DIN 32 VDC 132,000 µF 8.62” x 4.62” x 2.44” 16-24 AWG

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