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UPD Lite

Bonitron UPD Systems (Uninterruptible Power for Drives) are the cost effective way to ensure your process safetly shuts down or resets to the default position. UPD Systems include a voltage regulator that monitors the drive's DC bus voltage. If drive voltage disappears, the system can turn on immediately or can be manually enabled to provide power to the DC bus so that the process is shutdown safely.

Some processes may not require uninterruptible power, but just enough to shut down safely or reset the equipment to a default position. For these applications, a Bonitron UPD can be undersized to 10-20% of the motor HP, greatly reducing the cost.


Bonitron UPD Advantages   In-line UPS Disadvantages

Bonitron UPD Systems power the DC bus of the drive via DC bus connection on the drive. This eliminates an unnecessary and energy wasting DC to AC conversion.

  • Parallel Connection
    • High reliability
    • Seamless power source transfer
  • Increased Efficiency
    • Ultra-low standby power
    • Sized to drive system for reduced cost
    • Power supplied to DC bus for minimal conversions

Double conversion UPS systems convert DC voltage that is stored in batteries or capacitors back to AC voltage in order to power the drive, which in turn converts it back to DC. Variable frequency drives are not recommended for use with UPS systems, as the drive input reactance interacts negatively with UPS systems.

  • Series Connection
    • Decreased reliability
  • Decreased Efficiency
    • Unneccesary conversions
    • Converts energy storage back to AC
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