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For those considering using a UPS with a drive, first discover the advantages of Bonitron Uninterruptible Power for Drives.

Bonitron UPD Systems are perfect for critical, drive-driven processes. UPD Systems connect to drive DC terminals and monitor the drive's voltage. If the voltage drops, the Bonitron UPD immediately supplies power directly to the DC bus, eliminating wasteful DC/AC conversions. This allows critical processes to never see the disturbance and can continue operating at full power.

Bonitron offers Uninterruptible Power for Drives in three main styles:

Complete Systems
Complete Systems include an enclosure, Voltage Regulator, Charger, Energy Storage, Discharger (for capacitor systems), fusing and disconnects.

Integratable Components
Integratable Components are available for customers wishing to build/integrate their own UPD System.Energy Storage is available through Bonitron or can be aquired locally to save shipping cost.

UPD Lite
UPD Lite Systems and Components are sized to provide power to shut down safely or reset equipment to a default position. A Bonitron UPD Lite is sized to 10-20% of the motor HP, greatly reducing cost. Click here for more information.

If you require SEMI-F47, IEC 61000-4-11, IEC 61000-4-34, or Samsung Power Vaccine, contact our Sales Team for the appropriate UPD solution.

Digital Display  

TheĀ  interactive digital display option monitors and stores history of power quality issues such as unit status, voltage, and current.

  • Provides real-time information about system functions
  • Records power quality / RideThru events

Complete Systems RideThru Voltage Regulators Chargers Energy Storage Dischargers

Complete Systems are designed for simple installation and include an enclosure, disconnects, fusing, and the necessary components shown to the right.

  • Various power and duration available
  • Sag and outage protection

RideThru Voltage Regulators monitor the drive's DC voltage. If voltage sags, the Voltage Regulator becomes active and provides power to the DC bus.

  • Protect from 50% 3-phase sags
    • 50% 3-phase sags
    • 1-phase sag to 0v
  • Add capacitors for outage protection

Bonitron Chargers maintain energy levels in batteries and ultracapacitors.


  • Charge batteries or ultracapacitors
  • AC or DC input available

Bonitron Energy Storage units are designed for simple integration and scalability. Additional sizes of batteries and capacitors are available by contacting Bonitron.

  • Simple connection
  • Add benefit of emergency or back up power

Dischargers discharge capacitor banks to safe working levels quickly, allowing work on the system to begin in seconds, rather than hours.

  • Increases maintenance crew safety

Bonitron UPD Advantages   In-line UPS Disadvantages

Bonitron UPD Systems power the DC bus of the drive via DC bus connection on the drive. This eliminates an unnecessary and energy wasting DC to AC conversion.

  • Parallel Connection
    • High reliability
    • Seamless power source transfer
  • Increased Efficiency
    • Ultra-low standby power
    • Sized to drive system for reduced cost
    • Power supplied to DC bus for minimal conversions

Double conversion UPS systems convert DC voltage that is stored in batteries or capacitors back to AC voltage in order to power the drive, which in turn converts it back to DC. Variable frequency drives are not recommended for use with UPS systems, as the drive input reactance interacts negatively with UPS systems.

  • Series Connection
    • Decreased reliability
  • Decreased Efficiency
    • Unneccesary conversions
    • Converts energy storage back to AC
  Made in the United States of America

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