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Bonitron is the source for 1398 Ultra Plus Power Supply Module Legacy Solutions.

The Bonitron MRA B1398PS 3-Phase Power Supply is a direct replacement in both fit and function for the 1398-PSM-125C power supply module. The Bonitron Power Supply also includes improvements such as easy-to-access fuse and power terminals.

As an Encompass Partner, Bonitron strives to offer only the best solutions for Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley Drives. Visit our Rockwell Automation page to discover additional cross references matching Bonitron Braking Transistors, Resistors, Line Regeneration Units, or Single Phase Power Supplies with your drive.

If you need to power 3-phase drives from a single phase source without derating, see the Bonitron M3712 Single Phase Power Supply.


Product Highlights


  • Fit and function equivalent to the 1398-PSM-125C
  • Precharges DC bus capacitors
  • Diagnostic indicators
  • Built-in shunt transistor for dissipating regenerated energy as well as fast shutdown
Input Voltage: 
Intermittent Duty Limit: 
Precharge Time: 
Full Load Rating: 
Peak Current Rating: 
Minimum Ohm Rating: 
100 - 240VAC, 3-Phase
150% Full Load Rating for 60 sec
2 seconds
Phase Loss, Overtemp, Disabled, Ready
4 ohms
  Made in the United States of America

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