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Bonitron offers maintenance solutions that allow you to charge, discharge, form, and test energy storage.

Test your capacitors to see when they are approaching their "end of life" and replace them before an unnecessary and expensive failure occurs. If you have capacitors that have been stored for awhile, reform them with our M3628PCF Portable Capacitor Former or M3628ACF Automatic Capacitor Former to avoid damage to your drive at startup.

A great benefit of many of Bonitron's Maintenance Solutions is portability - making testing and maintenance more convenient!


Capacitor Former Automatic Capacitor Former Ultracapacitor Tester

The M3628PCF reforms capacitors by allowing the operator to slowly increase the DC voltage in order to allow the internal chemistry of the capacitor to adjust at an appropriate rate.

  • Charges, discharges, and forms capacitors
  • Manually variable output voltage 0 - 900VDC
  • Tough impact and weather resistant case
  • Portable - case on wheels
  • Operates from 110 - 220VAC supply
M3628 Automatic Capacitor Tester

The Bonitron M3628ACF is a portable digitally-controlled capacitor tester. The digital display allows the user to charge a capacitor bank to a specified voltage, and then discharge the bank. The display will then show the calculated capacitance of the bank.

  • Easily reforms electrolytic capacitors
  • Accurate capacitor measurement
  • Measuring aging capacitors helps avoid preemptive replacement

The Bonitron M3628PUT allows the user to charge a capacitor or bank to a specified voltage, and then discharge the bank. The display will then show the calculated capacitance and Equivalent Series Resistance of the bank.

  • Variable output voltage 0 - 130VDC
  • Digital control interface
  • Accurate capacitance and equivalent series resistance measurements
  • Overcurrent and over-temperature protection
Regen Energy Monitor
M3660REM Regen Energy Monitor

The M3660REM Regenerative Energy Monitor is designed to monitor the voltage and current of the resistor to calculate the total energy dissipated across the resistor. The resulting data can be used to size a Bonitron Line Regen to replace the resistor and minimize heat loss, shrink footprint, and return the energy to the AC line.

Will record for each braking event:

  • Total length
  • Peak current
  • Total energy(in joules)
  • Peak power
  Made in the United States of America

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