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190 - 1000 VDC input, 24V output

The M7001 is a 24 volt power supply with a wide range (190 – 1000VDC) input.

For backup systems using capacitors or batteries, such as Bonitron Uninterruptible Power for Drives, the input voltage of the energy storage can vary, yet the local 24VDC controls for the system will need the same RideThru capability as the drive. The M7001 allows the same energy storage system as the RideThru to back up PLCs, sensors or networks, allowing uninterrupted system operation.

The 190 – 1000VDC input range also allows it to be used on drives with active front ends or other systems that could see sustained voltage surges.


• 24 Watt DC Power Supply
• Provide backup power for drive and PLCs with the same energy storage
•80% Efficiency Typical

Model Number Input
Output Voltage Output Current Dimensions
(H x W x D)
M7001 190 – 1000VDC 24VDC 1 A 4.13 x 3.52 x 2.36”
  Made in the United States of America

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