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When variable frequency drives are stored for long periods (typically over eight months), the internal chemistry of their capacitors may begin to deteriorate and need to be reformed prior to use. If the capacitors are not reformed before the drive is put into use, the capacitors have the potential to fail which can cause extensive damage to the drive.

The M3628PCF Portable Capacitor Former can be used for maintenance on stored capacitors or as a benchtop DC power supply. The M3628PCF reforms capacitors by allowing the operator to slowly increase the DC voltage in order to allow the internal chemistry of the capacitor to adjust at an appropriate rate. Digital displays indicate the setpoint voltage, output voltage, and current.

The M3628PCF is ideal for:

  • Reforming capacitors
  • Providing a portable, variable DC power supply capable of quickly charging capacitors
  • Holding capacitor voltage
  • Discharging capacitors for maintenance

  • Charges, discharges, and forms capacitors
  • Manually variable output voltage: 0 - 900 VDC
  • Digital voltage and current displays
  • Tough impact and weather resistant case
  • Portability - case on wheels
  • Operates from standard 110-220VAC supply
  • Reforming capacitors can prevent catastrophic failure
  • Up to 100,000 μF
  Model Number Input
Max Output Voltage Max Output Current Max Load Capacitance  
  M3628PCF-C01-110 110 - 120 VAC 900 VDC 1 ADC 100,000µF  
  M3628PCF-C01-220 220 - 240 VAC  
  Made in the United States of America

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