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M3489 - Common Bus Power Supply

The M3612EC capacitor is a simple DC bus add-on that provides bulk capacitance on your drive system's DC bus. This aids in reducing bus ripple and improves immunity to voltage sags.

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  System Voltage Model Number Max. Capacitor Voltage Capacitance ESR End-of-Life Max Ripple Current Dimensions
(H" x W" x D")
Capacitance Change ESR Change  @300Hz 45°C  @300Hz 105°C
  230-240VAC M3612EC-L280-K7 450VDC 28,000µF 3.8mΩ -20% 100% 385A 175A 20.00" x 7.12" x 10.30" -  
  460-480VAC M3612EC-H070-K7 900VDC 7,000µF 15.3mΩ -20% 100% 200A 90A 20.00" x 7.12" x 10.30" 34 lbs  
  Made in the United States of America

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