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Discover the advantages of using Bonitron in Data Centers by browsing the HVAC Brochure and information below.
  • Critical applications demand constant
    power for ultimate reliability.
  • Lack of continuous power can
    result in hours of downtime.
  • Trust a company with 20+ years of critical backup experience in applications across the globe.


Bonitron Uninterruptible Power for Drives

  • Ultra-low standby power
  • Easily installs at drive location
  • Delivers DC power for increased efficiency
  • Scalable to your power and outage specifications
  • Sag correction solutions available with no energy storage required
  • Parallel connection for high reliability and remarkable life expectancy
  • Monitor power quality events with a digital user interface with data logging

With Bonitron Uninterruptible Power for Drives (UPD) installed, your cooling process never sees a power disturbance!

Bonitron UPD systems monitor the AC line and when power sags or is lost, the UPD system provides efficient power to the DC bus of your drive system. This allows a seamless transition from utility power to Bonitron UPD backup.

A common cost effective method involves using Bonitron UPD systems as a power bridge until generators are started. Since Bonitron UPD systems are installed at the drive location, power quality problems within the facility will not affect power being delivered to the drive system like they would affect a plant-wide UPS.

1. Information Overload

Whether it is tweets, pictures, or business documents, consumers are demanding more from "the cloud." The cloud is a data center like the one pictured, which houses numerous servers that store data. Servers are in high demand and continue to evolve to allow more data storage in a smaller space. Unfortunately, servers of this magnitude emit high levels of heat and require powerful and reliable cooling systems.

In 2011, roughly 1.8 trillion gigabytes of data was created and according to researchers, data volumes are doubling every two years!

2. Data Center Cooling

Heat continues to be the enemy of data center servers. Servers emit high levels of heat, but must remain below a certain temperature to operate.

This requires an efficient cooling system that consist of multiple motor-driven components, including pumps and chillers that require constant power. If a chiller loses power it can take a considerable amount of time before it's able to restart, leaving the data center without cooling.

Variable speed drives are used to make the cooling system more efficient by offering variable flow rates on motors instead of simply off and on. This saves power, reduces maintenance costs, and allows extensive remote monitoring.

3. Power Disturbance

A simple fluctuation in power can quickly cause chaos in a data center. While the servers may have backup power, the cooling system may not. Without cooling, data centers must shut down within seconds to prevent overheating and damage. This leaves critical data unavailable.

Bonitron UPD Advantages   In-line UPS Disadvantages

Bonitron UPD Systems power the DC bus of the drive via DC bus connection on the drive. This eliminates an unnecessary and energy wasting DC to AC conversion.

  • Parallel Connection
    • High reliability
    • Seamless power source transfer
  • Increased Efficiency
    • Ultra-low standby power
    • Sized to drive system for reduced cost
    • Power supplied to DC bus for minimal conversions

Double conversion UPS systems convert DC voltage that is stored in batteries or capacitors back to AC voltage in order to power the drive, which in turn converts it back to DC. Variable frequency drives are not recommended for use with UPS systems, as the drive input reactance interacts negatively with UPS systems.

  • Series Connection
    • Decreased reliability
  • Decreased Efficiency
    • Unneccesary conversions
    • Converts energy storage back to AC
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