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For nearly 50 years, Bonitron and its team of experienced engineers have provided the world with quality industrial electronics. The same is true today with an even higher emphasis on efficiency to continue to reduce wasted energy. By offering sustainable products that reduce wasted energy Bonitron is able to better serve both its customers and the environment.

Browse our solutions below to see how Bonitron can help your process become more efficient.

Capacitive Regeneration

Bonitron's Capacitive Regen Controller along with external components stores regenerative energy from a braking motor on a capacitor bank. This stored energy can then be sourced back onto the DC bus during periods of higher demand, lowering the peak power required by the drive system.

  • 230 - 480VAC
  • 24VDC, 1A
  • Can be used with various sizes of capacitor storage banks
Line Regeneration

Line Regen Solutions return excess drive DC energy to the AC line where it can be used by other equipment in order to reduce utility demand and cost. Line Regens can be installed in drive cabinet.

  • Use as stand-alone solution or with Braking Transistor and Resistor
  • Integrate into drive cabinet
  • 208 - 600VAC
  • Up to 450A

  Made in the United States of America

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