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The mission of Bonitron engineers is to provide quality electronics that improve the reliability of industrial processes, and to provide custom solutions for wide ranges of applications.



Our engineering team's experience includes electronics and electrical design, microprocessor-based controls, hands-on field experience, and applications engineering expertise.




  • Power Electronics
  • Embedded Control
  • Power Quality Solutions
  • Legacy Replacements
  • OEM Power Components



  • 7,500 sq ft for engineering and design
  • 2,500 sq ft for testing
    • Power testing to 690 VAC, 1250 VDC, 1000 ADC
  • 25,000 sq ft for construction
  • Machine shop for prototype construction


  • Expertise in Power Electronics
  • Over 120+ years combined experience
  • With thousands of products designed and developed over Bonitron's 50+ year history, the Engineering Department continues to design quality solutions to enhance drive system reliability. Should you have a question about a product, you are only one click away from the well documented user manuals.


  • Solid works for Mechanical Design
  • Altium for Cirtcuit design and Emulation
  • Exact MAX for BOM and Assembly documentation

"Bonitron engineers design and manufacture electronic instruments and control systems with the highest possible degree of quality and reliability."

- Keith Benson

Meet some key members of Bonitron's Engineering Department.

Keith Benson

President & New Product Development

Brian Agerton

Testing & Development

Adam Head


Ethan Humphrey

Director of Engineering

Sami Khella

Testing & Development

Hanna Malak

Design Engineer

Tim Olson


Tim Watkins

Technical Support
& Writing

Bonitron welcomes information requests via telephone at 615-244-2825.
For those that prefer an email request, or for after business hours, simply fill out the form below.

521 Fairground Court,
Nashville, TN 37211

Monday - Friday
8:00A.M. - 5:00P.M. CT





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  • Seamless power transfer from utility to Bonitron
  • Maintain process while generators start up
  • Full-load power for up to 2 seconds for 50% 3-phase sags or 1-phase sag to 0 V


  • Low-Voltage Power Supply)
    • Isolated 28V 250-amp battery charger
    • 700-1000 VDC input to car from catenary
  • Boost from 24V battery string to operate drives during outage
  • Relatively low power (7kW), very specific application


  • Large prototype for Galco
    • 1000 ADC 1000 VDC bidirectional buck-boost
    • Battery simulator

M3452 Series

  • Braking Resistors
  • Braking Transistors
  • Single Phase Power Supplies
  • Line Regeneration Modules
  • Uninterruptible Power for Drives


M3645 & M3545

  • The Bonitron Line Regen is efficient and small enough to be integrated into the drive cabinet. This eliminates excess resistor wiring and cooling costs.


  • Simple, Passive method for storing regenerated energy from a braking motor
  • Allows for an increase in energy storage with a smaller rise in DC bus voltage when used conjunction with a capacitor bank and various external components
  • Stored energy can be sourced back to the DC bus during periods of higher demand, lowering the peak power required by the system


  • Input Voltage 24 VDC
  • System load bank 3x 2.7 ohm, Wye connected
  • System Voltage 900VDC Nominal
  • Peak Current 1800ADC


  • Replacment for Rockwell1398-PSM-125C power supply according to Universal Studios' specs
  • 230VAC three-phase input, 100 ADC output
  • Integrated braking transistor



  Made in the United States of America

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