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Bonitron UPD (Uninterruptible Power for Drives) Systems include a DC Voltage Regulator that monitors the drive. If the drive voltage sags or disappears, the Voltage Regulator becomes active and provides power to the DC bus. This allows critical processes to never see the disturbance and can continue operating at full power. Thanks to Bonitron's parallel connection, very low standby power and long product life can be expected.

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UPD System Schematic

UPD System  


Bonitron Sag Solutions

Sag Correction - Up to 2 Seconds

Bang for Your Buck!

Bonitron Sag UPD Solutions are the cost effective way to make sure your critical process never sees power disturbances. While some applications experience complete power outages, sags are the most common culprit of process power disturbances.

Sag Solutions include a voltage regulator that allow your process to continue running at full power during a voltage sag. If future needs require energy storage, a simple add-on can easily be installed.

  • No energy storage necessary
  • Provides full-load power for up to 2 seconds for:
    • 50% 3-phase sags
    • 1-phase sag to 0v

Bonitron Capacitor Solutions

Blackout Protection - Up to 15 Seconds

Increased Confidence!

While many power disturbances are only caused by sags, there are also complete outages that can wreak havoc on a critical process. Bonitron Capacitor UPD Systems allow your process to continue to run at full speed for up to 15 seconds during a complete power outage.

  • Electrolytic or ultracapacitor energy storage for reduced maintenance and long lifespan
  • Provides full-load power for up to 2 seconds for 100%, 3-phase outages

Bonitron Battery Solutions

Blackout Protection - Up to 15 Minutes

No Power? No Problem!

Bonitron Battery UPD Systems are the economical method of providing DC bus back-up power for up to 15 minutes and are ideal for dark starts where no initial power is available or to hold up processes until there's time for generators to start.

Bonitron Battery Solutions can be purchased with batteries, or batteries can be sourced locally to reduce shipping costs.

  • Battery energy storage for long durations
  • Provides full-load power for up to
    15 minutes for 100%, 3-phase outages
  • Ideal for dark starts or to maintain process before generator starts
  • Contact Bonitron for durations greater than 15 minutes
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