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Digital Display for UPD

The KIT 3660DD5 gives the users real time information about RideThru System functions, and can be used to monitor and present power quality issues that can cause process disturbances and production loss. A history of power quality events is stored in persistent memory for later analysis, showing the effectiveness of the RideThru System. The KIT 3660DD5 RideThru Monitoring System is designed to monitor and display information about the Bonitron RideThru System, such as the present values of the system voltages and currents, or any fault conditions that may exist.

The KIT 3660DD5 also provides the ability to easily test the RideThru System to ensure full protection fromany powerquality events. The monitoring system saves the thirty most recent power quality events, recording information such as the time of the event, the duration of the event, and the voltage levels during the event. Information is presented to the user via a four-line, eighty character display and a set of three LEDs. This, combined with a simple, intuitive, menu-based interface, makes the system usable with minimal training. Isolated customer connections are available for remote controlling of enable/disable signals, equalize and test functions, as well as fault notification.


  Voltage Regulator Charger Model Number  
M3460R Current M3460B Current M3534 Current Use with M3528
N/A N/A 20 A Yes KIT 3660DD5-050050C
No KIT 3660DD5-050050X
N/A N/A 40 A Yes KIT 3660DD5-100050C
No KIT 3660DD5-100050X
85 A 85 A 85 A Yes KIT 3660DD5-200100C
No KIT 3660DD5-200100X
127 - 170A 127 - 170A N/A Yes KIT 3660DD5-400200C
No KIT 3660DD5-400200X
255 - 340A 255 - 340A N/A Yes KIT 3660DD5-600400C
No KIT 3660DD5-600400X
425 A 425 A N/A Yes KIT 3660DD5-1K0400C
No KIT 3660DD5-1K0400X
  Made in the United States of America

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