M3645 300A Regen Agriculture M3545 Line Regeneration

Critical Power Solutions

Bonitron UPD Systems are perfect for critical, drive-driven processes. UPD Systems connect to drive DC terminals and monitor the drive's voltage. If the voltage drops, the Bonitron UPD immediately supplies power directly to the DC bus, eliminating wasteful DC/AC conversions. This allows critical processes to never see the disturbance and can continue operating at full power.

M3628 Automatic Capacitor Former

  • Forms, Charges, discharges, measures, and tests capacitors
  • Automatically steps through voltage settings. No manual adjustment needed.
  • Measuring aging capacitors helps avoid preemptive replacement
  • Variable output voltage: 0 - 1000 VDC
  • Operates from standard 120 or 240 VAC supply

New M3660 Regen Energy Monitor

  • Monitor voltage and current of the resistor
  • Calculate total energy dissipated across the resistor
  • Can be used to size a Bonitron Line Regen
  • Easy Setup


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